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Dad's tribute to Sydney shooting victim

The father of an innocent hairdresser caught up in a brutal execution in Sydney's south-west says she was "beautiful" and an "angel" ready to help anyone in need.

Amy Al-Hazzouri, 39, was in the backseat of a four-wheel drive with 48-year-old Lametta Fadlallah in Panania when a shooter sprayed the car with bullets and killed them both on Saturday night.

Al-Hazzouri's father, Khaled, told 9News his daughter was an angel, friendly and beautiful.

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"Beautiful, beautiful," the grieving father said.

"Anyone who used to be upset, depressed, anything would go to Amy and she would give them the support, the power and energy.

"They would go to Amy, Amy was everything to them, that's the kind of person she was."

Father of shooting victim Amy Al Hazzouri speaks about his daughter.

Khaled said he wished he had died instead of his daughter and just wants her back.

Al-Hazzouri's brother-in-law, Mounir Sajad, said she was "very loved" and the family is obviously devastated.

"No one can believe what has happened, it is very hard," he said.

"Her father, he doesn't believe he has lost his love."

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Panania shooting victim Amy Al-Hazzouri's brother in law

Fadlallah is the former partner of drug dealer and standover man Helal Safi and former wife of notorious drug dealer Shadi Derbas.

Police believe she was the intended target.

Al-Hazzouri's family said she was at Fadlallah's home to blow dry her hair before they went out, working overtime and nights as she often did, to support her father and her family in Lebanon.

"She was a hard worker, a good lady, always looking after her sister and brother and sometimes looked after her father," Sajad said.

They said they had begged her not to make house calls.

"She worked with this woman, someone give her advice not to, but she didn't (listen)," Sajad said.

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 Lametta Fadlallah was shot dead in Sydney.

Homicide detective Danny Doherty called the double murder "unprecedented" and said police are now targeting known underworld families to try and stop what may be an inevitable bloody escalation of gun violence.

Doherty said "some type of retribution" is now the fear.

Indigenous teen claims he was knocked unconscious during arrest

An Indigenous teenager has told a court he was knocked unconscious when he was kicked to the ground during an arrest in inner Sydney.

Footage of the incident allegedly showed a confrontation between a group of teenagers and police, including officer Ryan Barlow, at Ward Park in Surry Hills in June 2020.

The boys refused to give their names, claiming they were doing nothing wrong before one of them mouthed off to the male constable.

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The teenager allegedly said: "I'll crack you in the f—— jaw, bro".

Barlow can be heard telling the teenager to turn around and put his hands behind his back before he appears to kick the young man's legs out from beneath him and handcuffs him face down on the ground.

The person filming can be heard yelling: "You just slammed him on his face."

The teen was treated in hospital for injuries to his knee, shoulder and face, including a chipped tooth.

Today, the teenager told the court his threat to the officer was hollow and said in frustration.

"I can't go to my own park and not be harassed by police," he said.

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Video from June 2020 of police arresting Indigenous teenager in Surry Hills.

The teen said he can't remember much after hitting the ground."I was unconscious," he told the court.

He denies accusations he was trying to kick Barlow's groin during the arrest.

Barlow has pleaded not guilty to an assault charge, with a magistrate to decide whether the use of force was by the book.

He was grilled by his own colleagues and in a recorded interview claimed the teenager was trying to resist.

The prosecution said the phone and body-worn videos will prove otherwise.

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An expert in officer training is expected to give evidence about the take-down technique, which isn't taught to NSW Police but isn't banned.

The case continues.

Sydney swim coach allegedly touched nine young girls

A swimming coach sexually assaulted and indecently touched nine young girls during classes in northern Sydney in 2018 and 2019, a jury has heard.

Kyle James Henk Daniels faces 21 charges of inappropriate conduct to female students under 10 while working as a part-time instructor at a Mosman swim school during university.

"The crown case is that the accused has a sexual interest in young girls and that he acted on that by touching the vaginas of nine young girls," prosecutor Tony McCarthy told a District Court jury on Monday.

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The 23-year old, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges, is facing a retrial in Sydney's Downing Centre over the alleged offences including touching girls on the outside of their swimming costumes to penetrating their vaginas on five separate occasion with his fingers.

The alleged offences occurred while the girls were being instructed in or around the pool, the jury heard.

Two complaints were made to the swim school, one in July 2018 and the other in February 2019. A formal complaint to the Department of Family and Community Services was lodged after the second incident and NSW Police were notified.

Police then descended on Daniels' home on March 12, 2019 in a widely publicised arrest.

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The following day, the swim school emailed parents of its students notifying them of the arrest and the charges. The email prompted other parents to come forward with complaints about Daniels.

"It felt like a worm was in her private part. His fingers went inside her private part. It felt a bit sore when he did it," McCarthy told the jury, recounting the evidence one girl gave police.

Another girl said the swim coach had held her in an odd manner while she was practising freestyle in the pool.

"It felt really uncomfortable, weird and she didn't like it," McCarthy said.

When first notified of the complaints, Daniels allegedly denied he did anything wrong, saying any touching could have been by accident. At that time in August 2018, he agreed to use a less hands-on teaching style during his classes, the court heard.

The trial before Judge Kara Shead continues.