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USA v Canada: Tokyo Olympics women’s football semi-final – live!

9.39am BST

35 min: Canada have gone from level terms to completely dominating the midfield since the Naeher injury. They have been the better team since the first 10 minutes.

9.36am BST

31 min: O’Hara is beaten down the left side by Prince, whose workrate has been excellent for Canada throughout the first half hour. She makes a late challenge to bust up the attack and pays the price of a yellow card, the first booking of the day for either side.

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Chinese growth concerns as coronavirus new wave slows factory output – business live

Rolling live coverage as China’s PMI signals slowest manufacturing growth since April 2020

9.39am BST

UK factory output grew at among the fastest rates in history in July, but supply chains are showing signs of being overstretched as companies race to keep up with demand, according to its latest purchasing managers’ index (PMI).

The final reading of the IHS Markit/CIPS PMI dropped to 60.4 in July, down further from May’s record high of 65.6, but a continuation of the 14-month expansion since the pandemic’s effects on the UK economy became clear.

Scarcities, shortages and price rises remained prominent challenges faced by UK manufacturers during July.

Raw material, staff and skill shortages were all major factors stymieing output growth and contributing to a further marked increase in input purchasing.

9.16am BST

There are inflationary pressures everywhere, according to survey compilers IHS Markit.

Chris Williamson, chief business economist at IHS Markit said:

The fact that growth of eurozone manufacturing cooled slightly in July after a record-breaking expansion during the second quarter should not itself be a major cause for concern. But the July survey also brought further signs that manufacturers and their suppliers are struggling to raise production fast enough to meet demand, driving prices ever higher.

Although growth of demand has come off the boil slightly as the initial boost from the reopening of the economy fades, the July survey showed inflows of new orders outstripping production to an extent unprecedented in the survey’s 24-year history.

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Tokyo Olympics: athletics, track cycling, hockey, weightlifting and more – live!

9.36am BST

Cycling: An email from Wilson Beuys, of which I understood about four words. This is for those in the know.

“If you’re interested and can get a closeup from agency photos, those GB track bikes are a new design by Lotus in conjunction with Hope (purveyors of expensive bike bits to the deep of pocket) and the weird front forks and seat stays look like something from a fatbike that’s been shaved down by a weight weenie. As with all bikes in UCI track events, they have to be available to the general public, and they are – if you fancy lashing out 30 grand. The chain alone costs 450 smackers…”

9.33am BST

Football: Still 0-0 for Canada and the US after half an hour. But a yellow card for the States and a corner for Canada, after O’Hara’s sliding tackle collected the attacker and knocked the ball over the goal line. Canada’s corner attack is headed wide.

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Belarus sprinter safe under Tokyo police protection after refusing to go home

  • Krystsina Tsimanouskaya spends night at airport hotel
  • 200m runner feared for safety after criticism of team officials

The Belarus athlete Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, who alleges she was taken against her will by team officials to Tokyo airport, is being protected by police and the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, are also involved, the IOC confirmed on Monday.

Tsimanouskaya, who was due to compete in the women’s 200m on Monday, sought the protection of Japanese police at Haneda airport on Sunday so that she would not have to board a flight back to Belarus after criticising team officials.

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Coronavirus live news: China battles to contain surging cases as soldiers deployed in Sydney

China has rolled out mass testing as the country faces its most widespread outbreak in months while soldiers have been deployed to the streets of Sydney as the city struggles to contain its own surge in cases

9.30am BST

More on HSBC’s profits here, from the Guardian’s banking correspondent Kalyeena Makortoff:

Related: HSBC boosts bonus pool by 50% as profits more than quadruple

9.24am BST

Newly reported Covid-19 cases in Tokyo totalled 2,195 yesterday, the metropolitan government announced, as infections spread in the Olympics host city. It was the highest Monday figure yet, according to public broadcaster NHK.

On Friday, Japan extended its state of emergency to areas around Tokyo, including the city of Osaka.

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